Todd Fisher Award

Todd Fisher Award

The HMGS-Midwest Todd Fisher Award was established by the Chapter Board in 2011 specifically to provide a means to recognize those individuals that have been instrumental to HMGS-Midwest through distinguished service at its gaming conventions and related events. In keeping with the mission of HMGS-Midwest, individuals may also be recognized for their use of miniature gaming to aid in the teaching of history in an educational setting. It is the hope that award recipients will serve as a source of inspiration to others who might volunteer their time and efforts towards our hobby through HMGS-Midwest.


  • Any current member of HMGS-Midwest can recommend someone to receive the award. Those being recommended for the award do not need to be a current member. Current HMGS-Midwest Board members cannot be recommended for the award. No one can recommend themselves for the award.
  • Recommendations are limited to one typed page and should include specific examples explaining why the recommended individual should be recognized
  • Recommendations should be submitted (emailed) to the President HMGS-Midwest and must be received at least 30 days prior to the start date of the next Little Wars Convention.
  • All Recommendations will be submitted to the current Board of Directors for consideration. A majority vote is required to receive the award.
  • The award presentation will be made at the next Little Wars Convention.


  • An exclusive engraved & numbered coin will be presented to the recipient.
  • Life Membership in HMGS-Midwest.
  • Free admission into future Little Wars Conventions (when requested).


  • Todd Fisher
  • Rodger Kruse
  • Dave Hermann
  • Anne Hermann
  • Mike Cosentino
  • John Barsanti
  • Ken Kaufman
  • Michael Mays
  • Tim Fisher
  • Steve RysmusT

Todd Fisher

Todd Fisher is recognized as one of the founders of HMGS-Midwest and was the Little Wars Convention Director during its infancy. Serving for 10 years in that position he had to face the rigors of running the convention, snow storms, contracts and cancellations. Most importantly building a solid foundation for others to work with in making the convention what it is today. He served on the HMGS-Midwest BOD for 14 years and on the HMGS-East BOD for 5. He was also a leading figure in the fight against the lead ban aimed at our hobby. This work was successfully concluded when the New York State Health Commission’s ban on lead figures was overturned.

Todd is the owner of Emperor’s Press. He holds a BA in History from Westminster College, and another BA in Business from Norwood International. He later added an MBA (with minor in History) from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. He has been active as either a development consultant or principle author for numerous rule sets. His assists include: Volley & Bayonet, Johnny Reb, Age of Reason and Command Decision. He was also the sole author of Revenge and Revolution & Empire. He can also look back on his past associations with Old Glory figures and Emperor’s Headquarters.

In his spare time he focuses his efforts on Napoleon. A frequent lecturer at the Convention on Revolutionary Europe, he is also the Executive Director for the Napoleonic Alliance and has been tapped as the primary guest speaker for the Bicentennial of Austerlitz. When not lecturing he can be found hosting European Battlefield tours, or visiting sites on his own.