Little Wars

Little Wars 2018 April 26 – April 29
At the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center, Lombard, IL.
Theme for 2018: Dawn of a New Age

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Little Wars 2017 Theme Winner – Clash of Civilizations!

Little Wars 2017 Winner for Best Theme “Clash of Civilizations” goes to Andrew Schapals for his two Sci Fi events (yes, two events) entitled “You’re Making Caesar Cry” – Battle of New Ape City -3270AD and “Apes and Mutants and Bombs, Oh My!” – Ape Assault on the Forbidden Zone -2670AD. Both games were Parent-Child events using rules that Andy cretaed himself. Beer and Pretzels with home rules as Andy called them. Everyone had a great time playing these games, some even played in both games. Andy has been running events at Little Wars for a long time now, and always puts on several events that are always unique and fun. Congratualtions to Andy for his efforts and continuous support of Little Wars Andy will receive FREE admission to Little Wars 2018 and a coveted Blue Ribbon.

Little Wars 2016 Theme Winner – Revolution!

Little Wars 2016 Winner for Best Theme “Revolution” goes to Aaron Filter and Phil Cook for their AWI events (yes, events) entitled Freeman’s Farm and Bemis Heights. Both games were 28mm utilizing Black Powder rules. They also ran a Zula wars games as well. Everyone had a great time playing these games, and they made a nice presentation for an introduction to Black Powder and the American revolution. Congratualtions to Aaron and Phil for their efforts, They both will receive FREE admission to Little Wars 2017 and a coveted Blue Ribbon.

Little Wars 2015 Theme Winner – First Contact!

Little Wars 2015 Winner for Best Theme “First Contact” is Mark Anderson for his event entitled The Battle for Sword Beach June 6, 1944. This was run a huge 8 foot by 16 foot plus table and the miniatures were 15mm. This covered the beach landings and the surrounding area. It was quite magnificent. Congratualtions to Mark for his efforts, he will both receive FREE admission to Little Wars 2016 and a coveted Blue Ribbon.

Little Wars 2014 Theme Winner – Great and Not So Great Commanders!

The winner of the 2014 Theme Award goes to John Read and Todd Fisher for their Napoleonic Battle of Rivoli game! Their large setup in 15mm was an outstanding game of quality terrain and superbly painted miniatures that all who played had a great time. Congratualtions to John and Todd for their efforts, they will both receive FREE admission to Little Wars 2015 and a coveted Blue Ribbon.

Little Wars 2013 Theme Winner – Turning Points!

The winner of the 2013 Theme Award goes to Steve Fratt for his series of three days at Gettysburg! Steve’s large setup in 5mm scale recreated the three day of this historic battle in amazing detail. Steve is well known for bringing large well terrained events to Little Wars each year, and this was no exception! Congratualtions to Steve and for his efforts he will receive FREE admission to Little Wars 2014.

Little Wars 2012 Theme Winner – Technology, Innovations & Advancements!

The winner of the 2012 Theme Award goes to the judging team of Glen Domingo and Justin Gramm, otherwise known as the Shellshock guys as this is the name of their original rule set. Glen and Justin have been avid supporters of Little Wars for as long as we know, running games all three days through out the convention. They are always thinking outside the box when it comes to the games they bring to LW.

This is was no exception as they had a game board that featured REAL Growing Grass, REAL moss, and running water that even included live fish (Tad poles) in the small lake at one end of the board. Congratulations to Glen and Justin!

Little Wars 2011 Theme Winner – Last Stands & Forlorn Hopes!

The winner of the the 2011 Theme Award goes to Michael Harris. Michael brought his beautiful French and Indian Wars game complete with a painted back drop. His terrain board included a river, lake, bridge, boat, and realistic looking mountain path. Much fun was had playing this game that Michael ran twice during the convention. The 25mm miniatures were beautifully painted and used a popular rules system. Congratulations Michael!

Little Wars 2010 Theme Winner – Warfare in the Orient!

The winner of the 2010 Theme Award goes to Kevin MacDonald for his Operation Bear Grease II Viet Nam game. Kevin’s helicopters had great paintjobs right down to the men hanging out the doors on the guns. Everyone that played in the game had a great time and claimed it was the best game they played. Congratulations Kevin!

Little Wars 2009 Theme Winner – Rebels & Rebellions!

The winner of the 2009 Theme Award goes to Todd Olson for his Ay Carmela! Spanish Civil War game. Todd’s figures had a great paintjob, his terrain was inspiring and the game play was loved by all who played. Everyone at his table had an awesome time and claimed it was the best game they played! Congratulations Todd!