Two HMGS-Midwest Events in October and November

This fall, the action picks up again for HMGS-Midwest members with two sponsored events!

Birth of the United States Navy

Museum of the Sailor Great Lakes Naval Station,  Saturday, October 13, 2018, 9am – Noon

Cost – Free for HMGS-Midwest members (non-members can join HMGS-Midwest – $10)

HMGS-Midwest members will be going up against Naval Personnel again, this time to commemorate the birth of the US Navy. We will be conducting a series of naval duels using Ares Games Sails of Glory basic rules [no experience necessary] spanning from the Revolutionary War [Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis] to the War of 1812 [Constitution vs Guerriere]. The plan is that everyone will be able to play in each of the six duels – we will keep a running count of victories for each side to claim bragging rights.  There will be plenty of extra ships available for pickup duels as well.

Please sign up now space may be limited. Contact Steve Fratt at with following information: Name, telephone #, preferred email


Autumn Wars 2018

Warfare Before the Twentieth Century, Saturday November 3, 2018 at Trinity International University, 9am – Midnight

Cost = $10 HMGS-Midwest members ($20 non-members)

The Board has organized a one-day mini-convention in the late fall to serve our membership. For the first Autumn Wars we wanted to give attention to the Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Periods. GM sign-ups are now! Attendee registration begins early October.

          Tentative Schedule                                   Food Service

  • 9am – 5pm:    Daytime Session               Breakfast  $ 7   9:30 – 11am

  •  5pm – 7pm:    Dinner Break                    Brunch     $10   11am – 1:30pm

  •  7pm – Midnight:  Evening Session       Dinner    $12   5:00 – 6:00 pm

GM s may use game tables composed of two, three, or four, 6′ x 30″ [2 ½’] tables. Melton Hall is 72′ x 51′ so we have about 12 tables, 6′ x 10′ for each session.

Games so Far

American Civil War-Dennis Bulawa
Ancients-John Schmid
Colonial-Jon Michael
English Civil War – Paul Dayton
First Day Gettysburg – Tom Koczak
Napoleon’s Battles-Curt Sabo
Quatre Bras – Steve Fratt
Seven Years War-James Henif
Viking Raid – Jim Roots

If you wish to GM a game, please contact Steve Fratt NOW! at with following information: Name, phone, preferred email, game title, length, session[s], #of tables, #of players.

To register for attendance and games, please go to

Event Listing for Little Wars 2018 (revised 3/28/18) — Preregistration is CLOSED

The Preliminary Events Listing (PEL) for Little Wars 2018 has been updatedLITTLE WARS 2018 PEL MAR 28 2018 These events will be in the Program Book. You may continue to submit events, but they will not be part of the Program Book.  The final date for submitting events is March 30.

IF YOU ARE A JUDGE AND HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED YOUR EVENT, your time slot and event are confirmed in this listing. If there are any issues, please send your questions or corrections to Our hope is to make the PEL a living document as new games come in.

We continue to work on physical layout and table assignments. We do not have table locations at this time. We had intended to send out table assignments ahead of the convention, but the Board of Directors elected to keep event submissions open significantly past the deadline. By doing this, all the submissions as of April 2 will actually be in the Program Book! The Program Book itself will tell you what table your game is on.


IF YOU ARE PREREGISTERING FOR THE CONVENTION, please complete the LITTLE WARS PREREGISTRATION 2018 FORM. Enclose your personal check, cashier’s check or money order, made out to ‘HMGS-MIDWEST.’ You are not preregistered if you don’t include payment. Send your completed form and payment to:

HMGS-Midwest, c/o Paul Dayton, PO Box 352, Wayne, IL 60184

We are not accepting emails or electronic preregistrations at this time. If you want to pay electronically and use PayPal, you may mail in your registration to the above address, and then use this link to pay the appropriate amount owed. As above, if you don’t pay the correct amount, you are not preregistered.

Important: Preregistration closes March 31, 2018. Save money and preregister now!


You can also preregister for up to six games on the same form. Single Day attendees may preregister for up to three events. Weekend attendees may preregister for up to six events. Each event has been assigned a unique Game Code (first column on the left of the PEL). You will need the codes for the events you wish to preregister on the form. For those wondering about the code, it does have meaning. The first three digits refer to the day. The 4th digit refers to the time slot (1 = morning, 2 = afternoon, 3 = evening). For example, the first listing in the PEL has a code of 1TH301. It means that it is a Thursday (TH) evening (3) event. PLEASE NOTE: We have indicated the maximum number of players for each event; however, preregistration will close for an event at 75% (rounded down) of the maximum number (in order to allow for slots to be available on the first day of the convention). The sooner you preregister, the more likely you will get your desired events.

For those interested in the Bolt Action tournament, here are rules and format: 2018 Little Wars BA Tournament.

For those interested in the Test of Honor tournament, here are the rules and format: 2018 Little Wars ToH Tournament


Important Dates for Little Wars 2018 – Events, Preregistration, Vendors

The Preliminary Events Listing is closed for 2018 at this time. If you still wish to run an event at Little Wars 2018 and have it listed in the on-site program, the deadline is February 27. Events can still be submitted after that date until April 1, subject to available table space.

Preregistration (by mail) is open now and will continue until March 23.

If you wish to be a vendor and listed in the program, the deadline is Feb 21.  Applications may be accepted after that date, subject to available space.

The convention itself begins Thursday, April 26, with setup beginning at 3 PM. The convention ends Sunday, April 29 at 5 PM.

The annual membership meeting will be held on Sunday from 3-5 PM.





101 W. Prospect Ave. Mt. Prospect, IL

Phone: 847-577-9656

The second Friday of each month is Historical Miniatures Night at Games Plus in Mt Prospect Illinois. The local  group hosts a night for beginners and experienced folks alike to come and enjoy a miniatures game – either by learning or playing games they already know. Anyone is welcome to, and encouraged to, run games as well.

Details can be found at