Autumn Wars

Autumn Wars is our yearly fall convention that has now been upgraded to a full weekend conventions. Click on the specific year for more details as each year it has been held in a different location.

The Board at HMGS-Midwest is continuing to plan for Autumn Wars.  But as we all know there is not a firm guarantee we can make it happen.  We are constantly monitoring the downward trends in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  However, we could experience a spike or flare up later this fall, which could hinder us.

A big part of this convention is in your hands, we already have a growing list of Vendors.   We do need to see robust badge sales early on.  To that end we established a low weekend badge price of $20.  So if you want an Autumn Wars this year, buy a badge, Tabletop events has a liberal refund policy.

Autumn Wars and COVID 19 1.0 (10 July, 2020, check for updates) The Board wants to make it known, that in all aspects of COVID 19 protocols, we will strictly abide by the State of Wisconsin and the Grand Geneva’s guidelines. Additionally we have added some items that are germane to our hobby. In all instances we ask you to display common sense and we will demand that you respect others and their decisions. If you are ill, please wait until next year’s Autumn Wars or Little Wars.

Under current Wisconsin protocols, mask use is optional. Please bring your own favorite mask if you wish. There may be some events, where the GM is going to require a mask. These will be listed in their game write-ups. We support their decision to do so, and we will ask you to comply. You are free to observe these select events at a distance, but if you want a closer look, you will need to abide by their rules.

The use of gloves is also optional, and will be your choice. The Hotel will have hand sanitation stations set up throughout the property, there will NOT be water stations so please plan accordingly.

Our event will be capped at 450 attendees on any given day. Our events will be spread out in a 13,770 square foot hall. Our capacity will be well below the suggested safety parameters for Wisconsin.

You will be asked to sign a voluntary waiver when you pick up your badge at registration.

I am hoping this will answer most if not all of your questions. We look forward to seeing you at Autumn Wars. If you have a concern that is not covered please feel free to contact me directly, Kevin Cabai at or 773 594 1301.

Thank you, in advance for your cooperation, and let’s make this work!