Autumn Wars 2020 Update

We are reaching out to you, because the state of Autumn Wars is in jeopardy.

We have our dates.  We have reserved a great location, with the Grand Geneva, in Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  A top-class resort, with 13,700 square feet of gaming and dealer area.  Which will allow for social distancing, the room will only be at 33% capacity.   We have the potential for 16 vendors, who would love to join us.

All that is missing is you.  As of now we have 30 badges sold, and 15 events scheduled.  We simply cannot hold Autumn Wars without you.  It is not the Board’s intention to coerce anyone into coming.  We believe that everyone needs to make their own personal decision, in whether to attend or not.  However, if you are planning to go, we need you to purchase your badge, in the next 10 days (August 21).  If you cannot get your badge and still want to attend please email me at

If we do need to cancel, Tabletop Events will allow a complete refund of your Badge purchase.  HMGS-Midwest will absorb the administrative fees.

The Board is striving to make this happen.  But we need to make sure you want this as well.  With just over 60 days away, we need your commitment. We are shooting for another 120 attendees to make this happen.  Without that, we will have to cancel Autumn Wars until next year.  So, check with your friends, GM’s, gaming nemesis, spouses, etc.

COVID update.  The Autumn Wars, convention is mask optional.  GM’s may request that players who attend their games wear a mask, (it will be annotated in their specific game write ups).  The current protocol for Wisconsin, is mandatory mask usage, but that is set to expire on September 28th.  If it is extended, we will be forced to cancel.

Please remember, there are still a lot of moving parts.  Autumn Wars may not happen, but if you do not plan for it, it WILL NOT happen