Game Submissions for Little Wars 2019 Now Open!

The Board has decided to use Tabletop Events to help us manage Little Wars 2019. Game Masters submitting games for Little Wars will need to:

1) Read the Game Submission Instructions posted here: Instructions for Submission of Games to Little Wars 2019

2) Go to and create an account – necessary in order to use Tabletop

3) To begin submitting your game[s], go directly to our Events Submission page at: 

4) The Events Manager will receive your submission, approve it or request any appropriate changes before final approval.

5) Once approved, the Events Manager will locate a Table that has open Time Slots for your game, reserve the space for you and include the requested setup and take down times.

6) Once Pre-Registration is open and players begin selecting their games, the magic of Tabletop events will produce for you: a list of players, a waiting list, and means for communicating with the players. Please note that we are, as usual, holding back 25% of the player slots so we might have spaces available for selection on site at the convention.

7) The Events Desk at Little Wars will have a TV screen posting current status of games, and a series of lap tops to help manage all the events. We will also have a printer for assigning new players to games with available space.

Important Deadlines:

Saturday, February 2, 2019 – deadline for submission of games for the Preliminary Events List

Monday, February 4, 2019 – opening of Preregistration for Little Wars 2019 – including selection  of specific games

Sunday, March 31, 2019 – closing of Preregistration and deadline for submission of games that can be included in the Program – in order to create the Program for the Convention, the Pre-registration packets, and the Swag Bags.

HMGS-Midwest Board Elections – 2019

It is time again for Board of Director elections for HMGS-Midwest. As laid out in the current Bylaws the procedures are as follows:

1) By the end of November before the election in the following spring the current Board will announce whether or not they are considering serving another term of office and the membership is informed (this information was posted on the HMGS Midwest Facebook page before that date).

2) Once members see the list of incumbents, they will have a chance to run for office by letting the current Board know of their intentions of running for which position by January 31, 2019. Please attach a picture and a paragraph explaining why you would like to serve in the position. We will use these in the official ballot. (Candidates should send the email to
3) The Board will create a ballot and send it to every member via email with all the candidates, their paragraphs of explanation and picture

4) The membership will send the completed ballot via US Mail to
Membership Vice President HMGS-Midwest

5) All mailed ballots must be received by March 31st to be valid. Envelopes will remain unopened until the ballots are counted in April at public place in to be determined

6) Results of the election will be announced at the annual Members meeting on Sunday at Little Wars 2019

The incumbents desiring to serve another term include:

Steve Fratt for President
Kevin Cabai for Membership Vice President
Paul Dayton for Treasurer
Tom Zwerg for Secretary [appointed by the Board to serve out the office]
Jim Roots for Board Member at Large


Autumn Wars Registration and Event Sign-up

Warfare Before the Twentieth Century, Saturday November 3, 2018 at Trinity International University, 9am – Midnight

Cost = $10 HMGS-Midwest members ($20 non-members)


The Board has organized a one-day mini-convention in the late fall to serve our membership. For the first Autumn Wars we wanted to give attention to the Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Periods.

2019 Little Wars Vendor Information

Greetings Gaming Vendors,
We are at that time of the year to start making your reservations for Little Wars 2019. Our host is The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center. Last year we saw our highest attendance at 700, coupled with most diverse amount of events at 235. As a thank you for your support in 2018, we have given you first right to keep your booth location from last year, at no additional charge. We had tried a number of new initiatives and based on feedback we will be continuing the following:
  • Free Demo Table option for those Vendors that have expressed an interest in the Lilac Room: We will be able to offer a few more of these, by moving Paint and Take.
  • Vendor Support Desk: Operated throughout the con to assist in any potential issues that may arise.
  • Drink and snack cart: Lor and her friends will be back, with a smile and a cold one.
  • Unloading and uploading volunteer support: This will be available Thursday night, Friday morning and Sunday after 1:00 PM.
  • Program Book/Newsletter/Website advertising options:Reach out to your customers at the con and all year through HMGS-Midwest media.
  • Swag Bag: SWAG donations are a terrific way to get your name and product in front of hundreds of Little Wars attendees.
  • Treasure Hunt with Demo Games: Help create traffic to your booth, it became an instant hit at the convention.
  • Flea Market: We will be adjusting the schedule to cause minimal conflict with the Vendor hours of operations
Plans are underway to have television news coverage, War College Events, Reenactors, Raffles, Painting Contest, Flea Market, President’s Game, and we keep the Thursday night, convention start. Sunday is Family and Tournament Day. We are formulating a reduced show entrance fee that day. Coming back to Little Wars on Sunday will be the Wheaton Academy-FOW tournament.
If you want to pay electronically and use PayPal, you may mail in your registration to the address on the application , and then use this link to pay the appropriate amount owed.
Here are the forms for download:
We look forward to your participation!


Two HMGS-Midwest Events in October and November

This fall, the action picks up again for HMGS-Midwest members with two sponsored events!

Birth of the United States Navy

Museum of the Sailor Great Lakes Naval Station,  Saturday, October 13, 2018, 9am – Noon

Cost – Free for HMGS-Midwest members (non-members can join HMGS-Midwest – $10)

HMGS-Midwest members will be going up against Naval Personnel again, this time to commemorate the birth of the US Navy. We will be conducting a series of naval duels using Ares Games Sails of Glory basic rules [no experience necessary] spanning from the Revolutionary War [Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis] to the War of 1812 [Constitution vs Guerriere]. The plan is that everyone will be able to play in each of the six duels – we will keep a running count of victories for each side to claim bragging rights.  There will be plenty of extra ships available for pickup duels as well.

Please sign up now space may be limited. Contact Steve Fratt at with following information: Name, telephone #, preferred email


Autumn Wars 2018

Warfare Before the Twentieth Century, Saturday November 3, 2018 at Trinity International University, 9am – Midnight

Cost = $10 HMGS-Midwest members ($20 non-members)

The Board has organized a one-day mini-convention in the late fall to serve our membership. For the first Autumn Wars we wanted to give attention to the Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Periods. GM sign-ups are now! Attendee registration begins early October.

          Tentative Schedule                                   Food Service

  • 9am – 5pm:    Daytime Session               Breakfast  $ 7   9:30 – 11am

  •  5pm – 7pm:    Dinner Break                    Brunch     $10   11am – 1:30pm

  •  7pm – Midnight:  Evening Session       Dinner    $12   5:00 – 6:00 pm

GM s may use game tables composed of two, three, or four, 6′ x 30″ [2 ½’] tables. Melton Hall is 72′ x 51′ so we have about 12 tables, 6′ x 10′ for each session.

Games so Far

American Civil War-Dennis Bulawa
Ancients-John Schmid
Colonial-Jon Michael
English Civil War – Paul Dayton
First Day Gettysburg – Tom Koczak
Napoleon’s Battles-Curt Sabo
Quatre Bras – Steve Fratt
Seven Years War-James Henif
Viking Raid – Jim Roots

If you wish to GM a game, please contact Steve Fratt NOW! at with following information: Name, phone, preferred email, game title, length, session[s], #of tables, #of players.

To register for attendance and games, please go to

Awards at Little Wars 2018

There were two major awards announced at Little Wars 2018 and two more that the Board is announcing as a result of the convention.

Todd Fisher Awards 2018

The Todd Fisher Award is presented to HMGS-Midwest members which have shown commitment and service to HMGS-Midwest and Little Wars. Nominations for the award are submitted in writing and sent to the HMGS-Midwest President who forwards them to a committee made up of past award recipients.Then the decision is made by these former recipients, not the Board or any other HMGS-Midwest members.

For 2018, our two recipients were Tim Fisher and Steve Rysemus. Together they span the almost 35 years of the history of HMGS-Midwest. Tim Fisher is one of the founding members of HMGS-Midwest and was recognized for his early contributions to the society. Steve Rysemus has recognized for his more recent service as webmaster, Newsletter editor, and Events Manager for in the last decade.

Recipients receive a stylish challenge coin, a lifetime membership to HMGS-Midwest, and free entry at Little Wars.

Theme Prize – “Dawn of a New Age” – Little Wars 2018

The theme for this year was “Dawn of a New Age.” The Theme Prize Award goes to Rich Bliss for his presentation of “Dawn of the Gunpowder Age – The Battle of Cerignola”  which was the most significant representation of the theme. With the recognition goes free entry into Little Wars 2019. Congratulations Rich!

Gamer’s Choice Award – Little Wars 2018

The Board decided to add a new award this year voted on directly by the membership. And this year Bill Wimbiscus was recognized for his classic western “Fistful of Lead” offering that ran the entire weekend. As with the theme Prize Award, Bill will receive free entry into Little Wars 2019. Congratulations, Bill.