Autumn Wars 2020 Update

We are reaching out to you, because the state of Autumn Wars is in jeopardy.

We have our dates.  We have reserved a great location, with the Grand Geneva, in Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  A top-class resort, with 13,700 square feet of gaming and dealer area.  Which will allow for social distancing, the room will only be at 33% capacity.   We have the potential for 16 vendors, who would love to join us.

All that is missing is you.  As of now we have 30 badges sold, and 15 events scheduled.  We simply cannot hold Autumn Wars without you.  It is not the Board’s intention to coerce anyone into coming.  We believe that everyone needs to make their own personal decision, in whether to attend or not.  However, if you are planning to go, we need you to purchase your badge, in the next 10 days (August 21).  If you cannot get your badge and still want to attend please email me at

If we do need to cancel, Tabletop Events will allow a complete refund of your Badge purchase.  HMGS-Midwest will absorb the administrative fees.

The Board is striving to make this happen.  But we need to make sure you want this as well.  With just over 60 days away, we need your commitment. We are shooting for another 120 attendees to make this happen.  Without that, we will have to cancel Autumn Wars until next year.  So, check with your friends, GM’s, gaming nemesis, spouses, etc.

COVID update.  The Autumn Wars, convention is mask optional.  GM’s may request that players who attend their games wear a mask, (it will be annotated in their specific game write ups).  The current protocol for Wisconsin, is mandatory mask usage, but that is set to expire on September 28th.  If it is extended, we will be forced to cancel.

Please remember, there are still a lot of moving parts.  Autumn Wars may not happen, but if you do not plan for it, it WILL NOT happen

BOD Announcement

On December 7th, our President Paul Dayton, was admitted to the hospital with serious health issues.  Getting better is going to be his top priority.  Our prayers and well wishes are with him and his family during these stressful times.

Paul has been our financial steward in managing our organization and convention on a shoestring budget.  Often a voice of reason, he kept our group grounded and focused.  A long time gamer Paul has devoted countless hours in “giving back” to his hobby.

Despite the health circumstances have cut his current term short, he has achieved his major goals.  The first was to complete the task of bringing HMGS-MW into a stable financial status, including transfer of our savings to a high interest account.

The second, but perhaps more visible to you all, was the successful transition to Tabletop Events.  This included complete installation and debugging of the on-line convention registration & game event management system.  A system we also use for our single day events

Although Paul tended to work more behind the scenes, his contributions were paramount to our success.  The Board, HMGS-Midwest, and gamers, owe Paul a heartfelt thank you for his professionalism and service to our hobby.

Based on the HMGS-Midwest bylaws, the VP of Membership-Kevin Cabai, ascends into the Presidency.  It was nominated to move Tom Kuczak to VP of Membership and appoint Brandon Musler to Board Member-At-Large.

“Milton Bradley’s DOGFIGHT! got Brandon Musler gaming in the 60’s. He played his first computer game at Westhill H.S. (’76) and also founded its game club. After graduating Trinity College (’80) he ran The Hobbyist (retail) and became one of the Connecticut Game Club’s earliest members and officers. When not playing Euros, card-, computer-, and war-games and minis over the next 4 decades he worked in IT…but it was HMGS events that turned his daughter into a hardcore gamer and him into an enthusiastic GM.”

These items were confirmed and voted on, during a Special Board Meeting on December 12th.  The Secretary will remain Tibor Ipavic, and the Treasurer, is C.W. Moellenkamp.

One other change, is to our Legal Counsel.  The votes were cast for, Jon A. Michal, Attorney at Law.  Jon is a long time HMGS-Midwest member and prolific GM.  The transition, returns a Legal Counsel into that role who is intimately familiar with the hobby and its unique environment.  There is an added benefit, because this will now be done, completely without charge on a total pro-bono basis.

Event Registration & Volunteering Now Open!

Little Wars 2020 Event Submission is now open. Please log on to Tabletop.Events using the link below. A new change is that a GM badge must be purchased before an event may be submitted.

We are at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center 70 Yorktown Center, Lombard, IL 60148, USA

The dates are,
Thursday evening April 23, 2019 (5PM-Midnight)
Friday all day April 24, 2019 (9AM-Midnight)
Saturday all day April 25, 2019 (9AM-Midnight)
Sunday April 26, 2019 (9AM – 6PM)

Historical Miniatures Gaming from all ages as well as opportunities for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Gaming.

This years theme will be, “In the Nick of Time”. Events submitted under the theme category will be eligible for the Theme Award from HMGS-MW and can win a prize.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us out, if you are interested click on the link above and click on volunteer ==> available shifts and then click on “Apply to Volunteer”. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to seeing you there

Toy Drive



11:00 am. Saturday, November 30th

The holiday season is right around the corner. Come and join us for our your charity tournament. Get involved, donate, have fun, and have a chance to win great prizes.  All players will be asked to donate a $15 toy for charity.

  • We will have two Mega-Battles – one for Flames of War (Late War) and one for Team Yankee
  • Players are asked to bring a 70 pt. Force that is comprised of Tank formation (s). One infantry and one artillery template are allowed per Force.
  • New players are welcome! No miniatures are required. You will be teamed up with a more experienced player.
  • We will play essentially the same scenario rules as last year except that the objectives will be pre-placed.
  • We could use other volunteers to help setup terrain at 10:00 am.
  • We will start promptly at 11:00 am. If you cannot play for the entire time, please come but plan on partnering with another player.

Hosted by Owen McGarel

BOD Member Changes

On October 28th, Steve Fratt resigned from his role as President HMGS-Midwest.  Due to personal reasons he has made the decision to step down from the role.  Thankfully he intends to stay an active member of our organization.  He will be coordinating the upcoming Autumn Wars convention, leading the Ambassador Program at Nexus, and representing us at the Chicago Toy Soldier Show.  Steve will also be at Adpeticon, Little Wars, Gencon and Gamehole Con running his signature games.

During his tenure Steve has been able to turn around the organization and get us back in the black.  At Little Wars, attendance, membership, and events have all grown from previous years, and have made convention the success it is today.  Under his leadership we have made great strides in being innovative, in looking at new areas to enhance Little Wars and outside programs.  In particular was his work with the Navy, and Museum of the Sailor.   His knowledge, passion, dedication and friendship will be sorely missed, by all of us on the board.  But it is good to know he is only a phone call away.

Based on Illinois non-profit regulations the BOD needs to have as a minimum; a President, Treasurer (Paul Dayton) and Secretary (Tibor Ipavic).  According to our bylaws, if the President position becomes open, the VP of Membership (Kevin Cabai) assumes the role.   Based on pre-existing family issues, this was not a long term solution.  At the last Board Meeting (October 3rd), an agreement was achieved.  Paul Dayton will assume the role of President, and the Board voted to have CW Mollenkamp as Treasurer.  CW is an HMGS member and is a CFO for a manufacturing company in the suburbs.  Thus fulfilling the state regulations.

  • HMGS-Midwest all the gamers it touches, owe Steve a heartfelt thank you for his service and friendship to our hobby.