Little Wars 2018 Gamemaster & Judge Information


HMGS Midwest Little Wars Judge Registration is Open

Little Wars 2018 will be held April 26 – April 29, 2018.

Little Wars is looking for a few good persons to rally round the tables and once again put on the premier games for which this convention is known.

What’s New for 2018?

This year’s theme is the Dawn of a New Age. If you feel your event or game qualifies, please indicate it when registering. Please note that only historical games are eligible for the theme prize. We’re also changing how the winner is selected this year – stay tuned for more information.

There will also be a Gamer’s Choice award this year. All games are eligible and your events will automatically be included. We’re asking attendees to select the game and judge that was the most enjoyable at the convention. More details will follow as we solidify the voting process.

Thursday night is now available for gaming! That’s right – another evening slot is open for your event.

WGN returns on Friday morning. WGN-TV will broadcast from Little Wars starting at 8 AM on Friday. There’s a potential need for games for the 9:00 AM slot, so consider that when stating your preferred times.

Important Dates

  • January 28, 2018 Deadline for event to be in preregistration mailing
  • February 27, 2018 Deadline for event to be in the Event Program
  • April 5, 2018 Deadline for errata sheet


What to Do?

Use the attached form(s) to submit your events:

Little_Wars_2018_Event_Submission (PDF)

Little_Wars_2018_Event_Submission (Excel)

The earlier you submit, the more likely you will get the day and time you request.

You may email an electronic submission to or snail mail your submissions to:

Little Wars 2018 Events
c/o Jim Roots
687 Aster Drive
Gurnee, IL 60031

If you have questions or special game requirements, you can use the same email and address. You may also call me at 847-548-2731 (evenings between 7-9 PM only. Feel free to leave a detailed voicemail if we can’t pick up – we’ll get back to you).

If you’re a regular judge, thank you for your games and we hope to see you again. If you’ve run in the past and are thinking about returning to judging, welcome back! And if you’ve never judged before, this is the Dawn of a New Age – what better time to take the plunge!

Here’s hoping for a great 2018 event!

Little Wars 2018 Vendor Information

Vendor Hours


12 pm to 7 pm


9 am to 6 pm


9 am to 1 pm

2018 Vendor Information


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We’re proud to announce that HMGS-Midwest has now moved to a formal e-mail distribution list.

We are using the MailChimp ( service for our mailing list. The service is free for accounts that send less than 12,000 e-mails per month, to less than 2,000 addresses. We’re pretty confident we’ll be staying under that threshold for the foreseeable future.

The benefits of moving to an e-mail distribution list are many. Members will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves via a well labeled link at the bottom of every message or via a page we’ll be adding soon to

MailChimp provides compliance with federal anti-spam laws, as well as basic analytics so that we know what proportion of members receive and open the e-mails sent.

A distribution list prevents the recipients’ e-mail addresses shared with every other recipient, thus adding a basic layer of privacy protection. Similarly, it uses a centralized list of addresses that can be grouped and easily maintained, which any designated administrator can use to send out communications.

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Little Wars 2017 Theme Winner – Clash of Civilizations!

Little Wars 2017 Winner for Best Theme “Clash of Civilizations” goes to Andrew Schapals for his two Sci Fi events (yes, two events) entitled “You’re Making Caesar Cry” – Battle of New Ape City -3270AD and “Apes and Mutants and Bombs, Oh My!” – Ape Assault on the Forbidden Zone -2670AD. Both games were Parent-Child events using rules that Andy cretaed himself. Beer and Pretzels with home rules as Andy called them. Everyone had a great time playing these games, some even played in both games. Andy has been running events at Little Wars for a long time now, and always puts on several events that are always unique and fun. Congratualtions to Andy for his efforts and continuous support of Little Wars Andy will receive FREE admission to Little Wars 2018 and a coveted Blue Ribbon.