Why was HMGS formed?

Faced by a gaming industry which seemed almost totally pre-occupied with the then growing pastime of roleplaying, a number of individuals long associated with historical miniatures gaming came together to discuss ways to promote what was, after all, the foundation of what was then being referred to as Adventure Gaming. This initial group consisted of authors, publishers, gamers, retailers, and manufacturers, all from the ranks of historical miniatures gaming.

Although it was felt that the industry was giving historical miniatures gamers short shrift in general, it was at the various national conventions that historical gaming suffered the most. This was reflected in a number of ways; the space allocated, and the high cost of attending were two of the more glaring problem areas.

What has HMGS done?

The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society was registered as a non-profit education organization, incorporated in the State of Maryland. We have also recognized or are in the process of recognizing affiliate HMGS chapters throughout the United States. These organizations already include: HMGS East, HMGS Midwest, HMGS Heart of America, HMGS Mid South, HMGS Tornado Alley, HMGS West, HMGS South, HMGS Gulf South, HMGS Great Lakes, HMGS Pacific Southwest, and Northwest HMGS.

Perhaps the most important accomplishment, both for providing an alternative for the hostorical miniatures enthusiast and for providintg an example on how it can be done, has been our establishment of three gaming convnetions: Cold Wars, Fall In and Historicon. Other historical miniatures convnetion that are sponsered or are in the process of being sponsered by HMGS are: Little Wars, Nashcon, BorderWars, and MiniWars.

HMGS is not a gaming club; we are a voice for historical miniatures gamers. HMGS is not anti-fantasy roleplaying; we are pro-historical miniatures gaming. HMGS is not a lobbying group for any manufacturer or industry; we do hope to preseny historical miniatures gaming in an accurate, and thus, favorable light. Finally, HMGS is not a profit making group; however, in order to pursue our stated purpose we endeavor to operate with a positive cash flow.

Why should I join HMGS?

From a purely materialistic point of view, HMGS provides its members with several benefits. These include: discounts at HMGS organized conventions and other national shows; informative newsletters, and membership directories. Perhaps even more important is the need for you to add your voice to our already influential society. Together we can continue to make sure that historical miniatures gamers are never again treated as second class citizens. Your support enables us to continue providing the hobby with affordable conventions at times that do not conflict with family oriented holidays, and convention that cater to mature individuals with similar gaming interests. Finally, your membership helps us to promote our hobby and give it the respect it deserves. Historical miniatures gaming can and should be an exciting education tool, both in and out of the school room. As you already know, historical miniatures gaming can add life and vibrancy to history as few books or lectures can. With your participation, HMGS can continue to serve as the means by which we share this exciting phenomenon.

How do I join HMGS?

Follow this link to join HMGS Midwest.

For information on joining other HMGS chapter, see the following list:

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HMGS GulfSouth

HMGS Heart of America

HMGS Pacific South West

HMGS North West

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